5 day old chick can't walk, HELP!


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May 2, 2016
Leicester, Massachusetts
UPDATE; Little Booboo passed :{

I have a 5-day old Ayam Cemani chick who is having major trouble trying to walk. She stumbles all over the place. At first I thought she had a mild case of splayed leg but I'm almost sure now that it's not. For her first 4 days I had a foot splint on one of her feet due to a crooked toe. I've given her electrolytes and tried to do the leg splint thingy but she kept falling on her belly and couldn't get back up. She continuously chirps, even when she falls asleep (which is quite often) and chirps and sleeps far more often than the other chicks. Is she going to make it? Has anyone dealt with anything like this before?

She's also stopped eating and drinking

Right after this video she fell on her back and just laid there
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wow! ayam cemani! any videos so i can see how she acts? i suggest dipping her beak every so often just so she doesn't get dehydrated. and try getting their food wet. they love that. she will probably eat it like crazy.
I keep dipping her beak - I'm having to force it with a syringe as well. Also having to force plain yogurt and egg yolk. She hasn't been screeching as much since I started force feeding her and she is having bowl movements but I feel like she's not getting any better. The other chicks are thriving.
it only allows youtube. i have never posted a video, but i suggest dragging it over here, or, clicking the "insert video" button. you know the one to add images? it's the one to it's right. then you can type in the title....(i think)
i think you should isolate her. just so the others don't get what she has. when my flock was chicks, 1 seemed to have the same problem. it died. a couple days later, another got it, and died as well.

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