5 day old chick, mucus diarrhea


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May 15, 2009
I have 6, five day old chicks from My Pet Chicken. They are in a brooder, on paper towels, heat lamp, chick starter, fresh water, etc.

One of them is puffed up and not socializing. She also has mucus-y diarrhea, clear and stringy.

What can I do for her?
Hey take a look at this, see if it could be a possibility:
http://ultimatefowl.atwiki.com/page/Vent Gleet
Things you could do right away that wouldn't hurt are--feed her plain yogurt mixed with her crumble (with active cultures would be best). Add 2 tab of the ACV to a gallon of water for their water (make sure it is not a metal one), I have heard with more ACV, they may not drink enough. Any way you could smell her breath?
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