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I have a very small banty 5 day old chick. The only one that made it in a bad hatch.
I have chick start and water in there, but noticed that she was to small to really be able to eat it. So I also added some mixed with a bit of water. I know she knows how to eat and drink. The last day and a half I haven't seen her eat, I saw her drink last night. My problem is that it is only one chick and I really can't tell this last day and a half if she is eating. Doesn't seem real interested in food, but will pick the ground at stuff just not sure if she is getting anything it doesn't really look like it.
There is not really much poop either. She looks like she is trying to go and not much comes. I have used a warm wet rag on her butt and a little came each time. Most every time I look at her she is sleeping, but I do see her moving around and alert some. I tried giving a little suger water and couldn't get her to drink any of it. I did see her drink regular water last night, so I know she knows where and how. any advise?
well, I was able to dip her beak in a little bit of honey. Then I saw her eat a few pieces of moistened food when I put some in front of her. I guess I just have to wait and see.
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Thank You.
She seems to be doing better since I dipped her beak in honey. She started picking at the moistened food when I sprinkle it on the ground in front of her. It actually looked like she got some of it too. I also got her to drink more water.
I had to work long hour the last two days and was unable to do that and maybe she didn't get enough. I am home for a few days so I will just have to keep a eye on her and try to get her to eat and drink every few hours just to make sure.
When I first got my baby Silkies, I noticed they would pick up the food and then drop it, over and over. I realized the starter crumbles were too big for tiny babies, especially bantams. So I put the crumbles in my Magic Bullet (like a blender thing) and ground them up smaller...not quite to powder, but definitely smaller. They ate much better after that! She's probably getting weak from not being able to eat much. Try grinding it and she'll eat a lot more...she'll get her energy back and grow faster. Also, you could give her crumbled up hard-boiled egg yolk. It has a lot of nutrients she needs, that's what nourished her in the egg!
I will try and smoosh the chick start smaller and maybe that will help. She is eating the moistened food I sprinkled on the ground now and drinking and pooing so I feel a little better. I plan on picking her up a friend, but I just hadn't found a banty chick close to the same age. She is so small I didn't want her picked on. Well I do not know if it is a she, that is what I would prefer and the wings looked like the picture I saw. Right now her friend is a 10inch (without ears
) very fluffy soft rabbit, she sleeps tucked in his armpit.



This is the parents..
I have 21 standard chicks (4 wks old today!) and I noticed the same thing the first day or two. They'd pick up the food and drop most of it, but it seemed like they'd swallow the smaller bits. I read somewhere on here (I think it was another post by txmom!) about blending the food smaller, I made it almost into flour in my food processor, and it worked! I just processed a whole bunch that day (1/2 gallon jar) and fed it until it ran out, probably lasted until they were 1 1/2 to 2 wks. By then they were fine with the bigger pieces. I was also feeding them a little yogurt, and various greens like lettuce, dandelion & broccoli leaves cut up really small.

The pictures of her sleeping with the stuffed rabbit are so cute! I hope she pulls through. Keep in mind if it was a bad hatch she may be too weakened to make it even if you do everything right (ok I have no experience but it just seems to make sense) Don't beat yourself up if she doesn't make it. But I'm hoping for the best!!
I am thinking she must have not been eating well at least that last day and just got weak. Now, a few hours after my first post, she is doing really well. She is actually going over to where I have a small pile of moistened food and eating by herself.
She is running around and playing king of the hill on the rabbit
I am going to crush up the food and start trying it dry but smaller.

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