5-day-old chick with diarrhea and yawning - help!

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    Nov 15, 2008
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    I have a 5-day-old buff brahma pullet who has been yawning frequently (~ yawns every 20-30 sec in bouts of 5 yawns or so) this afternoon, and when I picked her up to listen for wheezing (lungs sound clear), she pooped; the feces was runny, bright brown (not bloody), and smelly. She is alert and active, eating, drinking (she has been drinking more than the other two chicks...), and preening, and does not seem uncomfortable.

    I've set up a large (3' x 2') cardboard box as a brooder; the floor is covered with aspen shavings; the chicks (there are 3 total) are being fed Geeks chick crumble.

    Is this something serious, or a baby-bug that will pass on its own? How can I treat her? Do I need to separate her from the other two?

  2. Glenda L Heywood

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    Apr 11, 2009
    I would do this as they are just chicks
    and must have caught coccidiosis or something
    take the gallon of feed and feed them 3 tbsp of cayanne pepper mixed good in the feed
    give them what feed they will eat
    if it is coccidiosis or worms this will keep them ckean
    it will not hurt them to eat this for weeks
    also try the wetmash probiotic
    for the chicks twice a day
    give this
    3 tbsp of dry crumbles
    5-1/2 tbsp of milk any kind
    1 tsp of yoguart and mix good and feed 1tsp per chick and put the rest in the frig till needed

    it does not hurt if the milk sours but should be kept cold in frig till needed

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