5 Days Old and My Have We Grown

Oh, so cute!!!! They do grow too fast, don't they? Your little girls look adorable with their little fuzzy butts!
Great photos! In mine the chicks are usually turning their heads away.

What kind are the gray chicks? We have some of the black australorps (the black ones with the masks) so I recognize them as well as the amercaunas.

Your little girls are cuties, too! I'll bet they are loving the chicks.
Thanks so much for the kind words and glad you enjoyed the images.

The chicks are the following:

2 Australop
2 Plymouth Rock Barred
2 Star Red
4 Easter Eggers

The grey one is an Easter Egger or as far as I can tell because it has the little tufts around the eyes like the others.
The chicks are so cute and so are your daughters!
I have chicks coming on July 6-8 so I cant wait! I have Black Australorps, Columbian Wyandottes, Rhode Island Reds and Brahmas coming.
Tonight I went out to the brooder and actually had to pull the top down. With those little wings they are already getting air born and holy moly are they fast on those little legs

Good luck with yours and hope you are as anxious as we were.
All I can say is if you think they have changed a lot after five days - wait until three weeks! I swear I can watch feathers sprout!! LOL! I have never seen an animal grow so quickly! My 18 little guys (make that getting bigger guys) are doing great, eating me out of house and home, climbing all over me when I go in with hard boiled egg or even better - TICKS on my hands!!! I NEVER would have imagined my taking a tick off my leg after coming in from the woods and being so excited to feed it to a chick!

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