5 month Chinese goose laying eggs?and horney?

Apr 16, 2020
Morning from the UK all!!
I have some questions I’m hoping someone can answer? I have two Chinese geese both will be 6 month on the 1st of August, one is a male and one female. They have regular matings (daily ) and are both very happy and content. I have found a few eggs in their house now a few days apart but I’m wondering if I am mistaking them for the two pekin ducks I have.
My girls lay daily but iv found a egg (only one) in the goose house every few days which seems odd- is she too young to produce eggs or is it a possibility?

Also is it normal for them to be so sexual at such a young age? There is no aggression towards each other they both actually seem to enjoy it- anyone else had similar experiences?
Many thanks😎

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