5 Roos, only one known for certain....please help. Need to eliminate 3

Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by hubbyho, Nov 2, 2009.

  1. hubbyho

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    Nov 1, 2009
    This guy is friendliest. Follows me everywhere and I hate to eliminate him. What breed???

    This guy is challenging all the other roos right now. Girlfriend says he's gotta go.We love the 'Pantaloons' he looks like he's wearing!! What breed??

    Feathered feet on this guy. Seems pretty mellow, but I think he's out too. Breed??

    This guy is THE MAN right now. Was chasing off most of the other men until recently. Seems subdued after starting with me afterwhich he got a boot and ran off into the briars becoming stuck. Seems gentler than the others when mounting hens.

    The Sumatra that I like but not sure if it's logical to keep him. Has come at me a time or two and really likes to chase the hens. Doesn't seem to be as close to the other boys and picks on them a little more often. Not as well received by the hens and they run to the man in charge.

    All of these guys get along rather well IMO, but I am new at this. They are also young, all about 7-8 months.
    I am expecting to 'remove' 3 from the flock soon, based on your fine recommendations.
    Thanks all!!
  2. The Poultry Peanut

    The Poultry Peanut lives under rock

    Pic 1: He is some lind of mutt cochin
    Pic 2: Mutt cochin probably I may be wrong
    Pic 3: He looks like a jersey giant
    Pic 4: He is a silver penciled rock

    If it were me I would keep the first 2 [​IMG]
    You have pretty boys [​IMG]
  3. Camelot Farms

    Camelot Farms Chickenista

    I would go for 1 and 4.

    One because he is a people roo and those can be few and far between and 4 because he seems established with the hens and is gentle with them. If you remove the main man from the picture then you chance that the others personalities will change based on a new hierarchy.

    They are all gorgeous!!
  4. keesmom

    keesmom Overrun With Chickens

    Jul 28, 2008
    1. partridge cochin or mix
    2. silver laced cochin
    3. Langshan
    4. only one I don't recognize

    I like Langshans, but that's me. Keep the one(s) that you and the hens like the best.

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