5 Small to medium sized chickens left


Apr 21, 2017
New Mexico
I have five left, four OEGB mixes, and one 3/4 Standard American Game 1/4 OEGB. Four hens, one stag, $10 each or $40 for the five. I will ship, but buyer MUST pay the shipping fees. Contact me by reply on this forum if interested. Thanks
They are young the oldest is 4 years. Most of them are about 1 year. Yes, they lay well once they start, they are skittish but will take down quickly if handled
I have 2 purebreds, 2 3/4 Standard American Game 1/4 OEGB, 1 1/2 Standard American Game 1/2 OEGB, and one that I know is 1/4 Standard American Game at least (I don't know what the father is, I found the hen with a chick out one morning) Maybe more OEGB, he is free of you take at least a trio
Would I be able to just get one hen? I already have some four month old chickens at home. If so which hen do you recommend?
They do howver, when pure, lay a very small egg. If you want a slightly larger egg, I would recommend the 3/4 Standard American Game 1/4 OEGB.

OEGB egg next to Americauna egg

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