5 torando's in 5 mintutes..


10 Years
Feb 26, 2009
Burnin' up in KY
There was a bad storm in Kentucky last night. The wind was so strong it blew are solid steel stand right over! But it did have a heavy fern on it that might of helped the wind. One newscaster said there was a torando in my cousin's town, but he said there wasn't. And the cheif newscaster said he doubted it.
I love severe weather... Dangerous and beautiful at the same time!

The other day, I was outside trying to get good pics of shelf clouds before a huge thunderstorm hit.
Im in Jersey & we really dont get much of those tornadoes. A few warnings here & there, but nothing major. I dont know what Id do !! Im terrified of thunder & lightening so i think id be freaking !!!
I actually sometimes wish that we had a tornado sometime...nothing that would ruin our house or the chicken coop, I just wish I could experience one. Up here in Maine all we usually get are thunderstorms and that's it. I have never experienced a tornado in my life.
Would be interesting! I love watching thunderstorms(just as long as I'm inside)
I'm not the ONLY one that does that

Nope you are now one of three...I do the same thing. I have some awesome pics of the skies before various hurricanes such as Andrew. Amazing pictures one day I will get them up online but for now they are in an album.
We are under the gun right now. Tornado warnings left and right. The radar is showing BAD stuff, multiple cells and storma ll converging over us in about 30 mins. NW Alabama it's headed your way.

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