5 week old chick found stuck to mouse trap

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    May 15, 2013
    Rhode Island
    We have a 5 week old SLW chick currently in a homemade brooder in our garage. This is because the older chickens outside are too big and previously tried to hurt the poor chickie. The one problem is that this chickie loves to fly, so much that she broke right through the brooder cover (which had gotten loose) and was wandering around the garage. She got herself trapped on a very very sticky mouse trap that the pest control company had put in the garage and must have been stuck for at least an hour or two. One trap she had both her feet stuck in and another trap was stuck to her wing. My boyfriend and I found her and very carefully used rubbing alcohol to unstick her. We tried using some dirt to get the stickiness off for now. She seems to be eating and drinking fine at the moment but her right wing is still covered in goop. So when I get home from work today I plan on giving her an olive oil bath, which is a solvent for the goop. Then I am going to give her a warm bath in dawn soap to get rid of the oil, then I am going to dry her and give her a dust bath. I think that it should work, never done this before but I think it sounds like the right thing to do. Does anyone have any suggestions or experiences in sticky situations?
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    Jun 24, 2013
    Sounds good. If it doesn't work try peanut butter or vinegar and then wash it out.
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