5 week old Polish


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Apr 5, 2012
Mohave County, Arizona
I have three 5 week old Polish. I originally thought the WC Black was a pullet and the 2 Buff Laced were cockerels based on the shape of their skulls when they arrived.


But now I'm not so sure. Anyone know with any certainty?

#1 at three days old

#1 & 2 at threes old

# 2 at three days old

#1 at three and half weeks

#2 at three and a half weeks

#3 at three and a half weeks

# 1 now, 5 weeks old

#2 now, 5 weeks old

#3 now, five weeks

It was a hot day today, they were panting. I won't be keeping a Polish roo. I heard their agressive and I have people who want roos.

Little Farm Girl

Sep 6, 2018
I wish more people did follow ups on these forums. It’s like “what’s the answer to this question?” And then people give their thoughts but then OP then deactivates their account or forgets about BYC and I’m left reading an identical post with no follow ups.

The search for answers continues.
I know, that's us too, like what did they turn out to be???

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