5 week old Silkie chicks.. do they need heat lamp?


9 Years
Feb 20, 2010
Hi ! We just got 4 , 5 week old Chinese Silkies. They were raised by a broody Mom and were just seperated. WIll they need a heat lamp at night? They are in a dog kennel with shavings etc.. We live in Canada on the west coast, nights have been down to about 1 degree Celsius last few nights
Any advice?? Thanks!
I would turn on a heat lamp in your coop at night. That is what I am doing with a 4 week old silkie chick. During the day he is fine but I turn the heat lamp on in there at night.
I think I may just bring them inside for the night since it is unusually cold this week and our heat lamp is being used not where the chicks are. Do you think after 6 weeks old they should be OK outside? Or if I slowly get them used to being outside longer in the evening..

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