5 week olds won't go outside?

Cluckn Crazy

9 Years
Aug 25, 2010
Peterborough, Ontario
I have six five week olds. They have been in their coop for about 3 weeks. The door to the tunnel/pop door has been open through the day for a week. They are a little freaked in the tunnel, but definitly won't go into their run. Is this typical or do they need some help? They're missing the great sunny days of fall! Any suggestions?
They just need time, when they're ready, they'll find it. You could always try putting some tempting treats just outside the door.

You should've seen when I moved my run and opened a new pop door in the coop. None of the chickens (and they were adults) would go outside for over a week. One brave hen figured it out within a day and had all that lush grass and bug population all to herself for the whole week! Once they all figured it out, they turned it into packed dirt in no time.
I bet if you put a pile of mealworms at the end of the tunnel they'll come out.

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