5 white campbells..


10 Years
Jul 19, 2009
Palmerston North
They have all hatched today and doing really well. Now I have to vent sex them to figure out which are the girls as I plan to keep maybe 2 and the rest will go back to my colleague. I am currently over run with ducklings at the moment with both excellent hatches and she is actually going to help me look after them first.

aren't they gorgeous?


Well done!! They are gorgeous. After hatching so many coloured ones- its so cute to see " normal" yellow ducklings.

I have two out now- with a third nearly there. I can see a pure yellow beak on one of them- so I know that Flippy my only white Runner must be the mother of that one.
I can only hope that I see a successful hatch out of my 5. I'm going into lock down a day early, one of them is tappin away and it's head is in the airsac. The bill reaches the top, it's pink, and I can see it so clearly, I'm hopeful for this one.
Best of luck funnyBunnies12 with this lot.

Here are the first two of mine...Still a little wet- I hope they will be dried of and have a few more friends in the morning.

I tried to vent sex them last night but couldn't see a willy in any of them. Am I that lucky to get all girls? or did i not do it right? I watched the metzer's video on how to vent sex so i tried it...maybe I will get my colleague to do it.
That was the first to hatch- and has a few hours head start on the others. I have 5 out now...nestled up on a hot water bottle here at work. That little one was just too roudy to leave in the bator all day with the others still trying to hatch.

The one I am very suprised about- all yellow with an orange beak. I think that is evidence that says Harvey my Pekin may the the father as I know from the marking on the egg that Heather was the mother..time will tell I guess. I did think Flippy was the mother until I removed the empty egg from the bator and saw the writting on it. For now I am just happy I have something a different colour to normal to look at.

Cant wait to get home and see how the other 6 have all gone while I am here at work.

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