6 Acre Farm for Sale near Odebolt, Iowa, $85,000


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Odebolt, Iowa
We have a 6 acre farm for sale here in Northwest Iowa. There is an older home, a huge Morton building, a huge barn, a huge corn crib, an 8-bay hog confinement building, and several other outbuildings. Most of the buildings have water to them, and several have electricity although that needs updated. There is an older mobile home on the acreage that needs some work as well.

We have a 500 plant, 3-tier strawberry bed here, just picked 6 gallons from that, a 150 x 40 feet garden area, some wild black raspberries, and we planted last year 100 asparagus plants and (I think) 10 rhubarb plants.

The house is 3+ bedrooms and does need some work, but could easily be fixed with a little sweat equity.

We are asking $85,000 and there is some financing available on it. If you are interested, let me know and I will send you my phone number and you can talk with my husband about it as he can give more details on the financing.

We are moving due to a ministry job my husband wants to pursue.

OMG dude, if i was old enough id buy it
I hope someone does snatch it up. Really the area is beautiful. There are gently rolling hills. Winters can be tough, but definitely not unsurvivable.

Storm Lake is 20 miles from here and there is a Tyson's there and a Sara Lee.

Ida Grove is 12 miles from us and they have a couple of manufacturing plants.

Sac City is 20 miles from us with another manufacturing plant and they have a (I believe) countertop manufacturer there, whose parent company is about 20 miles from us and has another company there at Holstein which employs 450 people.

There are a couple of ethanol plants that have just come in.

The pay here is probably average. I can't really tell you about the pay as I am a home based medical transcriptionist and my husband is a retired pastor.

That said, Iowa has some of the best soil in America, and to top that off, on this farm, there have been many, many, many loads of rabbit manure added to the garden and strawberry bed, as well as pig poop, horse manure, and goat manure, all of which make wonderful fertilizer. The ground here grows just about anything you have a mind to plant.

I don't know when I'm going to get more pictures on here as I am working from my work computer and have to have it shut off and my personal computer turned on to get the pictures posted. I don't have a router right now. Mine quit.

Anyway, I think one thing this particular area is missing is a pumpkin patch. There are some several miles away, but none here.

This is a small, rural community. Odebolt was the home to Cracker Jacks when it first came into being. It of course moved away, but several of the towns around have "Popcorn days" each year, which are huge celebrations. Jolly-time popcorn is here at Schaller, Noble popcorn is in Sac City, Chief popcorn is in another small town here, I forget which one.

I love it here, but hubby has a calling on his life he feels, and I hope someone will come along and purchase the place so we can move and do what he feels the Lord would have him to do.

With a downpayment (to be discussed between buyer and my husband), we are willing to help figure out some financing for someone interested. We want to make it easy for someone to get this place and easy for us to get another place.

If you need to get in touch with me about this and I am not answering on here, send a message to [email protected].

Thanks again folks!
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Well, if someone wanted the critters, I'm sure something could be arranged! LOLOL

I don't have as many rabbits as I used to, sold several and several are going to "freezer camp" for the winter. (A term I picked up from another web site. The goaties, with the exception of 3 bucks, the arab stallion and the Morgan filly are going with me, oh and a few assorted birds and rabbits.

I am keeping "seed" for another place, but I have plenty to sell,and plenty to keep.
Well i dont know if anyone watched that first video, But i for 1 was very impressed how well they have
Russ trained with that ball

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