6+ Ancona Duck Eggs


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May 22, 2012
North Dakota
6+ Fertile Ancona Duck Eggs

My 4 hens are covered by two drakes; making the fertility amazing.

Pictured below is my breeding flock and the parents of your future ducklings.

Ancona are a heritage breed and are currently listed as "Watch" with The Livestock Conservatory.

The Ancona averages 6 to 6.5 pounds and are good layers. Their plumage is unique to ducks, resembling Holstein cattle; having endless combinations and markings on not only their feathers but also their beaks and feet. This makes each duck an individual, each with their own unique identifiable identity.

Ancona ducklings are arguably the cutest of the duck breeds with their own markings.

I ship Priority USPS with the eggs packaged exactly how I would like to receive them. Payments can be made via PayPal. Due to varied incubation methods and delivery outside my control, I cannot guarantee the hatch rate or the handling of the USPS. I will include any extras that can be safely packaged. Asking $35, which includes the shipping.

Eggs are gathered daily, and are unwashed. They may have slight mud smears on them, let's face it these are ducks and its going to happen; I will leave it up to the buyer if they want to wipe it off or not.

Please PM with any questions you may have. Thank you!
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