6 Aussie puppys doing good, Bandit is now forsale!!

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    I have 3 australian shepherds 2 males one nutered and 1 female. Well The female came in heat, we actually didnt think she would come back in but she did....we keep all 3 in the house well we've been so careful to keep them seperated....OOOPs....well we turned our backs once and well you know!! The downfall...the male and the female have the same dog in there bloodlines not close but my females daddy is like a great grandfather to the male...I was told the pups could still be registered..but in my mind I'm still thinkin this is inbreeding??? the Other downfall is they are both blue merles, and if you know anything about aussies and the merle gene thats not a good thing. You risk some of the puppies havin a defect from the gene..(def, blind etc) most are put down. Those puppies have more white on them than the others and some end up solid white...Anyhows I'm just tryin to get some suggestions and to rant about it...Although I know its my fault I should of had one or the other fixed or both but I was debating on gettin into raising them....so idk

    here is a link on the double merle gene
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    I would chalk it up to a leason learned, you could go ahead and have the male neutered now, and the female after the pups are weaned. Or you could take the female to the vet and have the pups aborted and her spayed. Just depends on what you are comfortable with.

    I hope you don't end up with any double merles. What do you plan to do if you do? I hope you don't put them down, if I was closer I'd take them and find them homes. I own a double merle dane, and I wouldn't part with her!
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    Shew I dont know what to do.. I'm def getting her fixed I've just been puttin it off...she dosent have normal heat cycles. Her first heat she was bred but it didnt take and its been a year since her last one.. I had decided to get her fixed just been waitin on the funds. when I bought her I decided to raise one litter of pups to pay for her and her spayin but...

    I'm debatin on having the male fixed had people wantin to use him as a stud dog.. as far as the pups.. I dont like the idea of the abortion but I dont like the idea of unhealthy pups that will suffer. But then theres the chance it want take... ahhhh idk what to do...
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    its a tough call..a real tough call...[​IMG] [​IMG]
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    The dogs being distantly related wouldn't bother me that much, if the quality of the dogs is good and it would otherwise be a good mating. The merle/merle breeding is really serious stuff, though. It's a tough spot to be in, that's for sure. [​IMG]
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    You can get a mis-mate shot within a day or two of the breeding and it should result in no puppies, but not always. The pedigree of the puppies is not a worry as long as the parents are good quality themselves. but as the other poster said, merle to merle... as you know you will probably end up with some deaf puppies with too much white... Personally, I'd have those put down. You might want to pencil it out now if one or two puppies were double merle and had to be euthanized, how much that would cost, compared to just spaying her now. I know money is tight right now, but trust me, it will be WAY tighter when you are raising a litter of possibly non-sellable puppies. Contact your local humane society and see if they have a spay assistance program. Around here you can get a $50 certificate to help with spay/neuter of your dogs, good only at participating vets of course. Good luck. Do what you think is best and don't let any of us push you to go against what is right for you, your family and your dogs. Sorry to hear your predicament. Last month I had a female in season and I carefull CAREFULLY kept her up for three and a half weeks and when no males were paying any attention to her, I put her out back with the other dogs and told my sister she was off the "jail" regimen, and turned around and she was tied! And the dog was her half brother! Luckily, she was actually past her time and didn't take, but I could have been in an embarrassing spot myself. Dodged a bullet that time! Mismates sometimes happen, even with top nationnally ranked show breeders, no matter how careful you are.
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    I know that it is perfectly fine to do a mother-son or father-daughter mating in the AKC as far as papers and such goes. I don't know anything about the merle colors though.
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    Don't kick yourself. Accidents happen. I would like to suggest that if you keep the litter please don't put def/blind ones down. I have a double dapple dauchsund that was born with no eyes (dapple same as meral) she is 14 yrs old and I have had her since she was 8wks old. She has lived a very happy life. I know several people who have def dogs and they live wonderful lives.
    Also the dogs being related distantly isn't considered inbreeding it is called line breeding in dogs. They can be registared.
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    If you got her spayed right now- the puppies-to-be arent even more than mere globs of cells- and it is a closed spay, it is not like an abortion...the uterus wont even be opened during the spay procedure.

    To me, and my opinion only, it is easier to do that, than to euthanize puppies that are already born... or the risk of birth defects from merle to merle.
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