6 babies on the way...been offered 2 silkies. Should I take them?


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Jul 23, 2012
I have 6 babies-marans, wyandottes, etc.. coming next week. Our coop is 6x8x6 with their enclosed roosting area being 3x6x3. A friend has 2 one month old silkies that she doesn't have room for. 1. Is that too many chicks for our coop? And 2. Is it an ok idea to have one month old silkies with younger babies?

We are still constructing the coop--should be finished this weekend! :D
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coop looks big enough, but i woild make sure that that all chicks are watched in the brooder for picking on each other, not pecking order but meaness as silkies being bantams can have an attitude., but after a few months they are very calm and content.

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