6+ bantam assortment hatching eggs (PA)

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    this is for an assortment of 6+ bantam eggs from whoever lays from the following pens to ship tomarrow. this will be eggs from today plus what i get tomarrow before i ship. there will be showgirl and silkie eggs in this assortment. $25 shipped to first person to post sold and send paypal to [email protected].

    white- showgirl/silkie
    b/b/s- frizzled cochin
    buff silkies
    mixed pen- barred rock x ?
    japanese/serama- this pen can throw pures or mixes(i have males and females from both breeds together temp) but since i just added japs like 6 days ago i believe should still be pures yet. there will be at least 1 jap egg. jap colors i have r white, greys and black tailed whites.

    for more pics of my birds please check out my website i have added some new pics to some of the albums.

    here is a few of the breeders




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