6+ Buff Orpington hatching eggs

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    6+ Buff Orp hatching eggs to ship out Thursday! Fertility has been great at about 90%. I've been getting close to 100% hatches here at home, sometimes 100%! I've been incubating several bators full at a time of these & my Silkies for about 2 months or more now. I will collect Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and ship them about 2:30 Thursday afternoon. Payment to be made by then or they will ship out Friday morning. I feed all of my chickens Purina Layer Pellets, Oyster shell in a seperate container, fresh water daily, free ranged everyday so they got lots of bugs & other good snacks to eat. I also feed them any left over fruits, veggies, pastas etc. They are very well cared for and so spoiled! The pics are from a few months ago, they have filled out more since then. I'll have to go out and take more recent pics as soon as it quits raining, which is not soon! Payment can go to [email protected]


    Only have 3 eggs right now. I found out that my girls did indeed change their nesting spot while I was cutting grass [​IMG] I found 6 eggs so they must've been from yesterday and sometime today. I threw them out because I can't incubate them and I don't want to send them to anybody else just in case it was an old spot [​IMG]
    If I don't get to at least 6 eggs I'm closing the auction, or if somebody bids, I'll wait last minute tomorrow and send them so I can see if I can get 6. Sorry [​IMG]

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