6 day old chick with diarrhea


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Jul 10, 2022
Good morning everyone! I have been putting off asking this question of you all because I knew there would be 1000 more that are similar, so I have went through threads and threads, took the advice, and am sill having issues so I had to break down and ask!

We have 2 very energetic, loud, outgoing, and very loved Ayam Cemani chickies that were born on the 4th of July! Their names are Tweedle-dee and Doodle! One had sort of a hard start to life; it pipped the wrong end of the egg, ended up going about 26 hours and then we decided we needed to help it because it was shrink-wrapped. We helped it after very many hours of research on here, and everything went very smoothly from there, minus a curved foot that we fixed with a cardboard shoe in about 36 hours! :)They are brooding in a clear tote with high sides, food, water, and a brooding plate. The ambient room temperature is about 80 and they have classical music on. :) (I am crazy, I know!)

For the past 2.5 days, the younger one has had watery diarrhea. Yesterday we noticed and had to clean pasty butt 2 times and both times it went about its business after screaming at us for a bit! Yesterday morning when we first noticed it, I went to the farm supply store and grabbed CORID 9.6%, some sav-a-chick probiotics, and a syringe to measure. We started treatment (9.6 ml of CORID and one packet of probiotics for one gallon of water). Both chicks have been drinking the water, and still eating the medicated chick starter just fine! They are both energetic, bright eyed, loud, and playful. However, the one just can't kick this diarrhea and I am so worried.

Is there anything else that any of you would try in addition to what we are already doing? I didnt know about electrolyte treatment since they are both eating and drinking normally. We are so worried we have done something wrong, and are just sick over this thinking of what else to do to help this guy! We are so attached to them already, and I would be crushed if something bad happened.

I will attach photos of both the chicks in their current moods, as well as the diarrhea photo from the 3rd brooder cleaning this morning! Thank you so much!


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