6 Easter Eggers, help me sex them please.


6 Years
Apr 14, 2013
New Hampshire
One of these little ones is already "playing the kazoo" {attempting crowing}, I have an idea of which one but have yet to witness it. I have guesses to females too, but thought I'd ask more experienced folks 'cuz a few of them I have no guess as to pullet or cockerel. They're 6 and a half weeks old.

1. pullet or cockerel? I'm thinking this is the cockerel.

2. I'm really hoping this one is a pullet, it's also my guess but the kid's comb is rather raised up.

3. Pullet?

4. ??? Redish blotches on shoulders, cockerel?

5. ??? Dark red on shoulders, cockerel or no? I hope not, especially if it means 3 of them are lol.

6. Pretty darn sure this is a little crossbeaked pullet, named it Freaky Beaky


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