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    I have so many eggs in my incubator, there is no way I could even do a staggered hatch at this time... I would like to offer some of my EE's eggs...

    The first EE hen is a RIR x True Ameraucana and lays very pale olive green eggs

    The second EE hen is a dark brahma bantam x True Ameraucana and lays very pale turquoise eggs. Some of her chicks come out with feathered legs/feet, some only have one or two feathers and others are clean legged.. She has also been known to have both yellow chicks and black chicks..

    They are both covered by a Delaware Roo and lay 5-6 eggs per week! I would THINK the eggs from the chicks would be a darker olive color but I've never kept the chicks so I don't know for sure...

    I already have 4 eggs collected and even though they will be a little "older", I will add those as well as any others I collect until Monday when the eggs will be shipped.. It's very likely you will end up with up to 16 eggs!!!

    Thanks for looking!

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