6 eggs pure breeds - bantam shamo, serama, silkie - FREE SHIPPING


10 Years
Jul 9, 2009
I have these bantam eggs below available to ship this morning. They were all collected within the last 3 days. Please pick any combo of 4 + 2 = 6 total eggs for the $11 (shipping free/included). PayPal to [email protected] as soon as purchase is made, so I can ship today! The eggs should arrive Monday at your P.O. - please provide a phone number so they can call you for pick-up.
5 bantam shamo. These are my favorites. The breeders were gifted to me by BYC member Josh44 and he bought his 2 trios of breeders from BYC member SplitSocket22. The pen has 3 black hens, 1 dun hen, 1 barred-dun rooster (split wheaten so we sometimes get a wheaten or barred-wheaten from them).
This is one of Josh's birds (my rooster looks nearly the same but is dun-barred:

2 splash silkie - pics of our silkies at www.libertyspringsranch.com
1 white silkie / white showgirl (1 rooster of each in the pen with white silkie hens)
1 serama (all size B breeders) - pics below

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