6 Japanese Bantam Hatching Eggs *PREBOOK*


10 Years
Apr 25, 2011
This auction is for a *PREBOOK* of 6 hatching eggs from my pure Japanese bantams I currently have all of my colors together and I have straight feathered and frizzle feathered birds also in the same pen's together. However I have 3 seperate pens of breeding birds. I have these colors Barred, Blue Mottled, Blue, Black Tailed White, Black Tailed Buff, Black, White, Splash, Gray, and Black Mottled. Shipping by priority mail with a delivery conformation will be $14.00 I have been having really good fertility at my house but can't guarantee how your's will be, I have had very good feedback on shipped eggs also and been complimented on good wrapping. I always try to include extra eggs in case of any breakage. My paypal address is [email protected] I will also accept a money order since this is a prebook. This will be the first prebook auction so you will be first on the list to get these eggs. It may be 2 weeks from now that I can ship or it could be another couple months just depends on how the ladies lay during this cold weather. And if anyone has a request for a certain color like just pure blue mottled, splash, or black mottled it will be when it starts warming back up here, ideally around March when I start seperating out my birds by color. If anyone does have a request for a certain color please PM me before bidding on this auction as some of the colors I only have a couple birds. Like my barred japanese I only have 2 pairs as of right now. Any other questions just ask or if you have a particular month you would like your eggs shipped out I will try to accomodate and ship then if the ladies are cooperative on laying.
Pictures of some of my breeders:






Would like to say that I received eggs that had lots of trouble at the Post Office with the Christmas delays, didn't get the eggs till a week later.....all eggs fertile!....and they had to travel to NY!!!...................thanks..........................chrisf
Wow so great to hear that there doing so good for you, you will have to keep me utd when the chicks hatch and what colors you hatch out
I highly recommend this seller! I got 100% development from (20) SHIPPED eggs, that's amazing to me. I am a repeat customer & after buying shipped eggs for over 2 years now with over 30 different orders, she is my #1 person to buy eggs from with the best success coming from her. If I didn't have a bunch of her chicks in my spare bedroom running around at the moment & more eggs from her on the way, I'd buy these in a heartbeat! Also I got several rare colored chicks hatch last week.
So everyone knows the ladies have began to pick up again on laying so the eggs could very well possibly be able to ship out right after the auction ends, however if the high bidder prefers a particular month they want the eggs to ship out in I will try my best to do that.

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