6+ Light Sussex LF hatching eggs


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Up for bids, hatching eggs from one of my favorite breeds here on the farm. People can't help being impressed by the sheer size of these birds. But they are gentle giants, i never have any issues from these gentlemen roos. I just enjoy seeing these birds forage around, the rooster on guard against any predators. The hens are good layers of big brown eggs. Light Sussex have a gorgeous contrast of the white body color against the black feathers around the neck and on the tail.I do have a Coronation rooster in one of my three pens of Light Sussex so you may get splits. I always include extras as laid, wrap each egg individually and pack carefully. I cannot guarantee hatch rate on shipped eggs, but these are hatching well here. In fact, the chicks look so sweet i may not sell any of them!If you have any questions, please pm me. I aim to please, so if you have issues with any eggs i ship you, please contact me so i can rectify the probelm. These will ship asap after the end of the auction unless you have a special day you want them shipped, i will try to work with you.I will combine shipping on multiple auctions. Thanks, Deb

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