6 plus Icelandic hatching eggs


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I have 6 Icelandic eggs for sale. Fertility are very good, the pullets have been laying for a month now. They are a very rare Landrace type of chickens. The Vikings brought some type of chickens with them to Iceland, and formed their own breed with no outside blood in a time of 1000 years. They hatch out in any color, and some will be crested, some will be single comb or rose comb. They can be broody, and take good care of their young. Lays small white eggs, and are good layers. Most of my birds are from The Sheriff's line. For more info on Icelandics, go here- https://www.backyardchickens.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=299038


He won the most colorful rooster contest.

He carries a feather legged gene

The bantie hen on the right is not laying, and is not part of the Icelandic breeding program.


I had hatched 2 chicks last week from the first eggs laid, and got one solid black, and one chipmunk chick.

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Your birds are just beautiful!!!

Remember folks, this is a rare land race fowl that must be kept pure!
That is ok, Paula. I am still learning about this new format. lol Can't figure out how to put a picture in the Chicken Hatching Eggs page.

Thanks Mahonri. Yes, this breed MUST be kept pure!!!
Let me know when and if you would be interested in selling more icelandic chicken eggs! I have totally fallen in love with this breed and would love to raise them and help to repopulate the breed. Thank you! Debi

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