6+ Splash, Black, and Blue Maran Eggs

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    Six nice Maran Eggs. My Roos are Splash, and Blue Copper. The hens are black copper, blue, and splash. Most of the birds have very heavy feathered legs. There are a couple black hens with the flock that are cleaned legs. Chicks are coming out feathered, clean legged or with slight feathering. These are gorgeous Marans. Since the hens vary in color I cannot guarantee what you will get. I can guarentee you will get fresh eggs. More eggs are available I only am posting six for those who may not want a full dozen and I always include extras. Shipping is actual cost to your location and I accept Pay Pal. Please PM me with any questions.

    Newly hatched Marans and eggs


    This photo is of some of my hens


    Roosters and hens


    One of my Roos - note the heavily feathered legs

    Bidders - I cannot guarantee the hatch rate of your eggs due to lack of control over the handling during shipping and incubation.

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