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I'm offering 6++ standard sized sultan eggs. My birds are not hatchery stock. I have 3 hens and 1 roo. The girls have been laying really well. I've had excellent hatch rates here on the farm and people that I have shipped my eggs to are also having great hatch rates. These are great birds.

I ship eggs Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday using Priority mail. The eggs I gather for this auction will ship either Monday the 14th or Tuesday the 15th. This is a Paypal auction. If you have the winning bid, please pay at the end of the auction using Paypal to [email protected].

Thank you for looking.

I can not gaurantee hatchability after eggs leave my hands due to things that are beyond my control.


My Roo "Aladdin"


Babies out of my birds


One of the hens


3 1/2 month old cockreal out of my birds
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I have gotten several batches of eggs from Ravyn. The first time 3/3 hatched, this week 3/4 hatched and I have 11 from her in the incy now, 9/11 are developing. All the eggs have been shipped and I am still getting excellent hatches, with absolutely beautiful chicks.
Wow that was fast:D I hope you enjoy them as much as I do, they are my babies.
Eggs will be in the mail Monday morning. I will PM you the delivery conformation number.

Thank you,
Robyn S.
Thanks Robyn, I look forward to it. I just happened to walk by the PC and saw that we won, we're super excited! I will keep you posted on the hatch.
Thanks again,
Kat & Rob

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