6 week barnyard mix- pullets or roos? **UPDATED 8 weeks pics**


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Jun 7, 2016

I have 2 barnyard mix chicks that are 6 weeks old. I am guessing they are roosters based on those red combs but would like other opinions. Is it too soon to tell for sure? Also, they were hatched from light blue eggs, does that mean they are easter eggers for sure or could they be something else?
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I agree with your guess that they are roosters, but I'm not sure enough to make any life or death decisions.

If they hatched from a light blue egg, unless you know something else about what breeds the person had, all you know is that one of the parents had a blue egg gene (could be a crested cream legbar, an EE, or??). If you don't know the breed of the rooster or the hen, this means these boys may carry one blue egg gene from their mom (but if she had one blue and one white gene, they could also get white from her). So, there's some chance these boys could produce some offspring that would lay blue eggs, but it's likely there will be a mix. It's also possible they will produce chicks that lay only brown/white.

The redder dude lookss to have a pea comb and green legs, so *might* be more likely to have a blue egg gene as he has inherited these other EE traits but there are no guarantees.
The thick legs and red combs were what seemed a dead giveaway to me.. Thanks!
Do I dare cull them now or should I wait just in case they are hens? :) We already have one rooster, can't have anymore!
Pullets don't start to pink up in the comb until they are close to laying age. At best, an 8 week old chick is still 2 months away from laying. Those are boys. No doubts.

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