6 week old chickens


6 Years
May 10, 2015
I have 8 chickens, they are either 6 or 7 weeks, they have been in our coop now for 4 days, they are doing great, some are even up on their roosts! We have a run should I let them out to walk around in the run or wait awhile longer?
If the days are warm and sunny you could open let them out into the run, though I wouldn't let them free range yet. (Not sure if you are planning on letting them.) Welcome to BYC! :)
no they won't be free ranging, just in the pen, Yes it is very warm here so i thought it would be a good idea to let them out, we have one that is a runt and poor thing can't get up on the roost, even though we put a ladder there for them and she can't get down the ladder to get out lol. What treats can they eat at this age?
They should be fine my chicks start free ranging and going out at 1 day old but dont stay out long till about 2 weeks. So I think they'll be fine
Funny I opened the coop door and they all just stood there, one got on my hand and i put her down but she cried to go back in LOL. They didn't come out, guess they will on their own terms!

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