6+ wheaten marans hatching eggs


11 Years
Dec 30, 2008
Berkeleysprings West Virginia
The wheaten Marans hens are laying and we have a few eggs each week for sale 6 eggs for $20.00 + $14.70 shipping and the fertility is better than great right now . I ship on Monday or Tuesday there is no guarantee on hatching eggs also if u can pick up on site the price is $15.00
email me with any questions ….
Take care all
nice birds.
i think the wheat colored ones are the coolest vs. the black/bc ones.
but hey, that's me!
Nice looking eggs!

Maybe when it gets alittle warmer here...

Can't order eggs till it stays above freezing!
He has great color on the eggs and very nice looking Wheaten's. You would be very happy with the eggs.
I got a Juv. roo from him that is very sweet and Very nice looking even in the ugly duckling stage.
Hatch rate sounds nice too.
Buy away you'll be happy!
thanks so much for the kind words , sorry i did not have a chance to meet you in person and i hope u get a nice hatch , wheaten marans are so hard to come by and its nice to know a nother marans people close by i hope to plant the seed of marans in west virginia/virginia /maryland and get many more people interested in the wonderful breed .

Your welcome. I'm sure we will be in touch. The family I just sold 16 to most mutts but had 3 CMs and they got a Juv Cm. Love them so I'm sure I or they will be wanting some more Marans from you. Once they see the size and color of yours. They are in the bator and I'm counting down the days. We named Juv roo Whistler cuase he coos and talks so much. He had the feathered leggs.

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