6+ White Silkie Eggs!!!!

Dylan's Silkies

9 Years
Jun 16, 2010
Due to so many requests, I am listing an auction for white silkie eggs only. You'll receive at least 6 eggs and I will include any extras if laid.

The eggs you will receive are from the birds pictured below. They have won numerous awards (lots of BB, RB, BV, RB). Please check out our website on the shows we've attended and the awards we've won. www.dylansilkies.com

My whites all have 5 toes, large crests, good type, full cushions, good foot feathering. The quality of the chicks are very consistent within this group. I'm very happy with the quality of the chicks I've hatched out in the past year and many BYC'ers have had the chance to get some of these whites recently from me since I can only keep a few.

Eggs will be collected within 3 days of shipping so they will be fresh. I will package each egg individually with bubble wrap and place them inside an egg carton with addition bubble wrap around the egg carton to minimize any PO rough handling. Once they leave our hands, we can not predict how the PO will handle them but will try our best to make sure they are packaged as best as possible.

I will arrange with the winner a good date for shipping and can be flexible as long as the girls continue to lay. If you have any questions, just PM me.






Beautiful whites! I've gotten birds from Dylan's silkies, and they're gorgeous!

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