6 wk olds dying GRAPHIC PICS


10 Years
Dec 26, 2009
Willow Alaska
I found one chick dead Friday, no reason, just dead. This afternoon I go out and at 1st I thought these 2 were enjoying the heat of the sunshine, in the spasms of feeling good, till I realized something's really wrong.
They are 6 weeks old, were hatched here, have been on medicated chick starter, have been in a little coop and run that were new for them, so nothing had been there before. No bloody poop or any sign that somethings wrong, except for this.



These pics are as I found them, no they aren't dead, not yet. They can stand for a second and then start flopping around and then just lay there spassing legs twisted.
I moved the others into the main coop, just wanted to get them out of there. Any ideas on what this might be??????? What I can do????
since more than 1 has died you might want to contact your state dept. of agriculture, veterinary services division and let them know. They will probably run some tests on the ones that died and your remaining birds just to make sure there is not a disease that killed them.
We don't have Marek's here in Alaska, that's what I've been told, they were confined and could not have gotten into any poisons???????????????????????????????????????????
I would start giving the sulfate or some other brand close to it. I know you said you haven't seen any blood, but it kind of sounds like cocc. and the fact that you just put them in a new coop to. I know it lives in the ground where I live I have to treat every year when I put new chicks on the ground. Also check for mites to make sure they are not becomeing anemic from those. I hope that helps and best of luck !
I agree with PriceFamilyFarms. You could contact a county or town extension agent, state agricultural division etc... for help. I believe you'd have to preserve them somehow for autopsy/examination. I wish you the best.
I don't know about Alaska not having Mareks...but those birds sure look and sound like thats what they have...
You really need to call around and find out about having them tested and finding out exactly what it is. You need to know what you are up against with, so you know what the expect and how to care for your other birds.

good luck, and I hope i'm wrong. Take care!

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