6 year old Buff still going broody

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Jun 12, 2016
I have a 6 year old Buff Orpington that used to go broody once a year, but as she getting older, it's happening more often. In 2019, at 5 years old, she was broody 3 times! I can tell she is headed toward broody for the SECOND time already this year. Is this common? She is still in good, robust health and lays regularly, but I fear all these broody spells will really wear on her and that breaking her will be equally stressing. Up until now, my method for dealing with it has been to take her out of the nest box frequently for water/food/exercise breaks or to block her from getting to the nest boxes altogether (which really stresses her out). Suggestions?
This hen is a treasure! Six years old, still laying eggs, and broody?! She's wonderful! I'd be hatching every one of her eggs, what great genetics! Your care must be excellent too...
There are broody prone hens. Orpingtons are so inclined. I had a Speckled Sussex that regularly went broody three times a year for the entire eight years she lived. (Until a bobcat ate her)

She was a prize. In fact, I called her my "prize broody". Sounds like you have one, too. Mine was so regular and dependable, I could mark on the calendar when she could be expected to go broody and I saved eggs for her to sit on in the week prior to her broody date.

You have a treasure. But whether you will utilize this precious resource or choose to break her is your decision. If you decide to break her, it would be accomplished much more quickly by using a broody cage and confine her to it day and night. It usually took my broodies less than three days to lose their hormones and return to normal.
Unfortunately, we have no rooster because we are in the city and my small backyard flock is down to two, because we are trying to wind down in anticipation of a move. I fully realize that a 2-hen flock is pathetic and probably unhealthy for their social nature, so it's hard on both of them when one is broody. The other hen, a black sex-link, is 7 years old and in good health as well!

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