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    From what I hear - the mini experimentals are the best producers (like Mini Nubians, for example).

    Space is relative. Ours are more confined than we'd like, but since we're working on selling this property...we're not adding on. They'll get more room at the new place. I think you'll get lots of answers...but I'd say two would enjoy 40'x40' paddock with a small barn or a large dog house.

    Goats really don't graze. We keep ours on a dry lot to help with cleaning up and parasite control. They get grain and hay daily.

    Milk per day varies by individual. My NDs (and I don't milk to full capacity, I only start to milk once their kids have weaned which lessens production) give me about 8-12 oz per milking, so around a pint a day each.

    YUP! They can be housebroken! Or you can just stick a diaper on them when they're in the house (easier on a doe).
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    Bumping this up because I too would like to know more about the mini milking goats. There are only 2 people in my household that drink milk, so I am thinking that as far as milk quanity goes this might be a better option than full grown goats. Plus space is a factor. It has been 20 years since I had goats - since I am old and forgetful all info will be appreciated.

    Ms Prissy, where are you? I know you know great stuff about goats.
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    My goats were trained to do alot of cool things! Like pull carts! I do believe you could house train a youngster. I used to go camping in the woods behind our house and my favorite doe always went with me. She slept in the tent with us! She never pooped in the tent or the car for that matter when she road in the back seat. Yes, strange I suppose! I wean the kids at three days and bottle feed them. Production by my French Alpines was nearly a gallon per day. Goats are browsers like deer, not grazers like sheep or cows or horses. They will love scrub and brush and leave the grass behind. Hay and grain when milking or pregnant is okay.

    I love goats and they are so much fun! They can escape many types of fences and need to be kept safe from dogs and those types of predators.
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    I've been wondering about goats too! We have a small patch of land in the back where I would love to keep a few milk goats! We drink a lot of milk in this house (mostly in the gallon of coffee we drink a day) and I would love to "make my own" instead of paying all that money for the organic stuff at the store.

    How much different from cows milk is goats milk? Can you make butter out of it (high fat content?). How much does is cost to feed a pair of milking goats a year? Can you keep the male with the female all the time - even when she has kids?

    I've only taken care of "normal" non milking goats in the past - and I had given them grain in VERY small amounts because they would eat everything I gave them and once they had too much and got SICK!

    Can anyone recommend a good milk goat site?

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    One good site is http://fiascofarm.com/

    The Nigerian Dwarf Goat is supposed to be a very good milker.

    Generally you keep the billy separated because he loves to cover himself in urine when in rut and will contaminate the milk!

    2dream is that your place on your avatar?
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    May 24, 2007
    KellyGwen said:
    How much different from cows milk is goats milk? Can you make butter out of it (high fat content?). How much does is cost to feed a pair of milking goats a year? Can you keep the male with the female all the time - even when she has kids?

    Can anyone recommend a good milk goat site?

    There is a slight difference in cows milk and goats milk (some people say it's a huge difference). You get the huge difference when you let a goat loose in the pasture. Everything that goes into the goats mouth can affect the taste of the milk. So, people who are very serious about their goats milk keep their does fenced in and bring their feed to them so that the milk taste stays the same.

    I can't stand store bought goats milk but absolutely love fresh goats milk from goats who have been fed a consistent diet.

    I may be wrong but I don't believe you can make butter from goats milk. Someone can correct me on that if I'm wrong.

    Again, the cost will be determined on whether you let them eat from a pasture part or all of the year or if you are feeding them hay all year to control their diet. Also, add in the grain which a milking doe should have daily (in small amounts). The cost is going to be very different depending on where you live and the cost of hay, etc.

    You do not want to keep a buck in with the does. There are lots of reasons but a couple are:
    1) Bucks smell and if they are in the herd, everything smells.
    2) Bucks can be very dangerous when they are with a doe that is cycling (meaning she's ready to be bred).
    3) Bucks can hurt or kill kids.

    As stated: Fiascofarms is the best goat site.​
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    you can do lots of things with the extra milk. We use it like water in pancake mix.. biscut mix.... etc.... and Yes you can make butter! I pasturize the milk, put it in a big bowl, and the next day skim the cream off and put it in my container in the freezer. I keep adding cream for a few weeks until I get enough to make butter. It was great!!!
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    Feb 6, 2008
    Kinder goats are another good smaller breed to go with.. Smaller than a regular dairy goat but a little bigger than a nigerian dwarf.. They are similar to mini nubians in that they are a cross breed between a regular sized nubian and a mini goat, except mini nubians are nubian/nigerian and kinders are nubian/pygmy.. It's the pygmy that makes them different since it makes the kinder a dual purpose breed for milk and meat..
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    Thanks for all the info everyone.

    Beejay - No that is not my place. Think it would be neat though - well except in a high wind.

    zatsdeb - Do you take the cream out of the freezer and then churn like reagular cows milk? Do you have to pasturize to get the cream?

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