6week old roo hurt leg??


5 Years
Feb 27, 2014
A couple days ago I was checking on my 11 chicks in the coop and Chance was laying on his back. Idk if he fell off the roost or what. After I turned him over he seemed ok but wasn't moving fast. He seemed to be squatting and would tip over once in a while when he tried to walk. I checked his reflexes and nothing appears wrong with his leg. He was very hungry and ate a handful of food from my hand. Yesterday when I let everyone out in the morning he hobbled outside with the group but seemed unsteady and tipped to the side. Sometimes he shuffles his legs under him and sometimes he walks upright like normal. But he is easily startled or gets ran over by the others.( he is a Cornish cross and there are 4 others, the rest of the chicks are half their size) so I decided to isolate him last night and put him in a dog crate with food and water. This morning he came outside and seems to be walking normally. Ate and drank with the group. But the others just shove him over and he falls over. So I put him in the other chicken yard and sectioned off the coop so he could have his own space. He started to cry looking for his friends! I decided to try and see how it works with my 4 week old chicks. So I brought the 6 chicks which are much smaller than he and they seem to get along ok. They even tried to snuggle up to him. There was no more crying and the younger chicks seem happy to be outside and have a big brother. And Chance is walking better now that he isn't getting trampled. I was worried he could have mareks but his legs don't look anything like the pics. He just tips over when others push him. So, that all being said, did I do the right thing by seperating them and putting the younger chicks with him? I know Cornish cross don't have a long life span but I want it to be a happy life.
How old is he? Cornish crosses often have leg problems as they get older and fatter, and may have trouble balancing/standing.
They are usually old enough to butcher between 6 and 9 weeks, and frequently can have leg problems. He may be alright with younger chicks, but cornish cross can be hogs with the food when in with layers, so make sure that the other chicks are getting plenty to eat. The other thing I would worry about is the younger chicks getting exposed to coccidiosis from an older chick who is building immunity. Watch them for signs of cocci--lethargy, not eating, diarrhea, puffing up or huddling, and ruffled neck feathers. You might want to pick up some Corid or Ampromed (amprollium) just to have in an emergency.
Ok thx. We were thinking of butchering them soon. But I didn't want to eat him if he was sick. But I think he may be ok after a few days away from the others
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