7/8 week old Ducks missing most back feathers


Apr 18, 2021
Hi friends,
I'm a new duck mama, I had two and then one of mine died so I decided to go online and meet up with a duck breeder to get my lonely duck a new friend.
When she came and met with me she brought about 16 ducks for me to choose from, every single duck she had was missing basically all its back body feathers. It's wings, neck and front body looked good but it's back completely bare. The one i ended up picking had the least amount of plucked feathers. When I asked her about it she said that's just the way they are.
I know nothing about farming or really keeping livestock, I live in an urban setting and we got these ducks as pets. I understand birds molt, but this seems strange. What would cause this? Every bird she had showed the same thing. Dirty living conditions? Too many birds in a small space? Just looking for some knowledge as I'm new and trying to learn. Thank you!


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What a precious baby :love

No way of knowing what may have caused this except crowded conditions and ducklings chewing on each others feathers. Maybe not being feed a good feed? Too bad you couldn't have rescued more.
I bet in less than a month your new little one will be in tip top shape being fed well and cared for like a pet.

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