7 breeds listed, WS, WM, BLRW, GL, BO, BA, BSL, pictures included


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Oct 25, 2007
This is a buy it now listing for 7 breeds of pure hatching eggs. Please pick the breed and PM me.
You can mix it up if you want or just one breed ( I can fit 2 doz in the box for 1 order) . Each breed is cooped alone so all are pure.
Each breed has the price listed in the posting, don't do the buy it now button. PM me
I can ship any day on most of the eggs. Or pre order pick your date. All eggs are fresh ready to hatch most are 1 day to 3 days when I ship.
Pay by pay pal pm me for my pay pal. Shipping is included in the price. Extra eggs will be added if available.
The listing is for 7 days but I can ship today,or as soon as pay pal is done Shipping can be done on monday 6-7. The girls are laying great so I'll have more eggs available, so I can ship first of any week or pick your date etc.. each breed will have open dates listed and number of eggs available.

Eggs in image link are the wheaten marans with blrw in the carton, I have more pictures of eggs and can take more if needed.

Following breeds available: with number of eggs and price

Blue Laced Red Wyandotte 6 eggs $30.00 ( Bill Braden line )limited hens not laying good think its the weather getting better now

Wheaten Marans 6 eggs $30.00 ( Davis line french standard feather legs) 1 order available ~~hens are going broody get them now while still available also I'm setting all I can ~~ limited also due to weather and broody

Welsummer 1 1/2 doz $30.00 ( 2 orders available) can do 2 a week available now

Blue Andalusian 1 doz $25.00 ( 3 orders available) blue black splash chicks can ship now getting 1 doz eggs a day or 2 doz for $38.00 shipping included or make me an offer I cant refuse

100% Blue Andalusian 1 doz $28.00 (1 order available) all blue chicks available now

Golden Lakenvelder 6 plus eggs $20.00 ( 1 order available) available now

Buff Orpington 6 eggs $1.00 per egg ( available to add to other breed orders)all the girls are all going broody or with chicks so get some now I'm back to 2 hens laying.
I just got 100% hatch 3 times on my Buff Orpington eggs ~~~ limited available due to # of hens broody~~~

Black sex link 1 doz $24.00 ( 1 orders available)
sex-able at hatch chicks will be roosters barred, pullets black. I have some I hatched last year laying dark as welsummer eggs, the roosters get big fast, beautiful birds this cross is a welsummer rooster x barred rock hens. ( Chicks and adult pictures are with in this post)

Mix batch of all of the above pure eggs, 18 plus eggs a few of each my pick $30.00 ( 3 orders available)

Pictures of my chickens,
Blue Laced Red Wyandotte,


Wheaten Marans,


Golden Lakenvelder,


Buff Orpington,

100% blue coop Andalusian splash rooster x black hens,


More pictures can be seen on my page with more to come.
I also have a few nice mix pens of the following if anyone is interested PM me with the mix you would like. $17.00 for 6 or $22.00 a doz shipping included or 2 doz for $27.00 all are available I will collect and ship after we know what you want most of these eggs go for eating so I don't mark them and set aside for hatching. All eggs will be collected fresh and marked for hatching.

Easter egger rooster x production red hen and blue egg laying pure ameraucana hens (6 eggs) just had some hatch very cute chicks with puffy cheeks
Blue Laced red Wyandotte rooster x black sex link hens (6 eggs) eggs are dark from the black girls.
Blue Andalusian roosters x black game mix hens for blue or black chicks brown eggs (6 eggs)
I can mix any of the above to make a doz you pick, all will be beautiful mix breed chickens that will be wonderful to have and good layers.

This is my first hatch of the year, chick pictures.
Wheaten Marans

Blue Laced Red Wyandotte

Buff Orpington

Black Sex Link

This is pictures of the black sex link chickens grown. They are very calm birds easy to work with.
The roosters are barred, the hens black with a little red in the neck feathers.
This is the pictures of the rooster, I hatched last year.

This is a pullet, from last years hatch.
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I'll take all reasonable offer on 1 doz of the Andalusian, welsummer, black sex link eggs.
I also will take a paid for me 1 year gold feather membership, for 1 doz of the andalusian , 1 doz black sex link or 6 +gold lakenvelder eggs.
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How many Wheaten Marans eggs do you have available still? Do you have pictures of the egg color?
The wheaten eggs are pictured, you will get 6 plus a extra or 2 the girls are not laying that great.

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