7 day old peachick wobbly-HELP!


6 Years
Aug 19, 2013
my single peachick had trouble with a fecal blob that I cleaned off. It seemed to be fine but yesterday, it flew out of my hand and landed on the floor. I see it picking at the pine shavings. it is unsteady and I am not sure what or if any of these things had caused it......any thoughts would be much appreciated.

i am watching it as I took out the wood chips and put a piece of carpet in the bottom. It no longer is obsessed with wood chips but is now obsessed with the edges of the carpet to which I snip off anything that could potentially come out. I think its it's own worst enemy! It doesn't seem to be interested in eating although it will peck at food when I pick it but it doesn't swallow it. The feed is a gamebird/turkey starter but I mixed in some FlockRaiser to see if it would eat anything. It is thin but very active. Water has electrolytes and probiotics which it won't drink either *sigh*

It acts positively drunk! It is driven to pick at everything except it's food and water!
I put a bear in with it for company as it picks the chicks so that didn't work. I guess it likes it...when it isn't trying to peck it's nose off!

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'Report on 'Coffee" the Peachick. Doing just fine! I believe it was due to lack of sleep that it was so "loopy" as another poster described it. It now sleeps through the night. It's happy as are WE!

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