7 days 2 go


8 Years
Aug 27, 2011
there is only a week left for my 5 Rhode island red eggs in the incubator. I have candled since day five and i have seen embryos and veins in at least three eggs. Now it is quite hard to see through the eggs they are very dark is this only because i am only using a small torch ? And should i stop turning them 2 days before they are due of three ? Also humidity what happens if it is low 40% will it be ok ?
Only a week left for mine too, they are very dark now, just see some veins right at the very edge by the air sac.
Stop turning them on day 18 so with 3 days to go, and when you stop turning them, you need to get your humidity up to about 70%, otherwise the chicks could get stuck to the inside of the shell and not be able to hatch.
i can see some veins in three eggs still dark can see some movement .
so you cant clearly see the chick either ? are you just using a torch too ?
Yes using a torch. The bigger the chick gets, the harder it is to see anything but black. When its at day 18 you can see virtually nothing but black and air sac, although you may occasionally still see slight movement but not always as there is not much room to move at that point.
ok thanks for your knowledge let me no how u get on how many eggs u gt in incubator ?

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