7 weeks still broody!


9 Years
Aug 27, 2010
Aberdeen, MD
My Ameraucana went broody 7 weeks ago. After sitting on her own infertile eggs for a week I swapped them out for fertile eggs from a friend. 19 days later she or one of the flock mates broke the eggs killing the 4 chicks. I gave her a new set a few days later that were due to hatch yesterday, they did not! NOW WHAT! I thought she would eventually get tired of sitting and get up but that is not happening. Do I give her more eggs but that would mean 3 more weeks of sitting!
As a rule Broodies eat very little.Over a period of time they get very skinny and can eventually die from lack of food. I would not give her more eggs at this time. Put her in a wire cage without any bedding for a fews days to break her of being broody.
Get her some day old chicks if you really want chicks, but I wouldn't let her keep sitting. She's going to starve herself to death. I would not let her start over after this much time.

There's a lot of posts on here about how to slip the day olds under a broody so if you have access to any try that. After all the sitting she's done she deserves something to show for it.
Exciting! Keep us posted on how she does. She may hatch out a few more babies yet!

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