7 y.o. daughter thinking about first show - quarantine questions!

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    My 7 y.o. DD has a little flock of 8 banties in an urban chicken tractor. She has just joined 4-H, and was thinking about entering her little MF D'uccle pullet in the pre-junior showmanship class at a show next month. I am eager to encourage her, but I have some concerns about how essential it is to quarantine a bird after a show. We live in the city and don't really have any quarantine facilities right now, certainly nothing I could keep a bird in for a month! I also am very concerned about re-integrating the bird after a month out of the flock. She did enter her bird in the county fair this fall and we took the risk of not quarantining her, but after a week away the other birds had forgotten her and it was a bit dicey getting her re-introduced. It doesn't help that they're in fairly confined space in the tractor, but it's all we can manage in the city.

    What would you do? She's so interested that I'd really like her to be able to do this, but I'm not sure if it would be worth the risk, or if I'm making a mountain out of a molehill. If it makes a difference, it's a one-day show - not overnight - in a non-climate controlled building.
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  2. After a show, or a fair I keep the birds seperate from the flock for at least 30 days. Once I get the bird home, I spray them down with permethrin, incase they were next to a bird with mice or lice.
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    If your going to show, I would quarantine, especially since I have learned that many shows are not diligent on checking papers, or may not even require health papers on bird.

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