75-95% grown embryos didn't hutch out. Why?


5 Years
Apr 19, 2014
Hi All,
New to incubation. Table top incubator, auto turn+ fan.
Temp at 37.5 Degree C. Humidity 70%+.
Placed 15 quail egg n 6 cockatiel eggs.
Lock down at 19th day.
1st Q hutched out on day 21st, and 2nd and 3ed Q on 22nd day. Healthy babies.
Then nothing happened..!!
When removed the eggs, find all of the eggs had babies of 75-99% growth and NONE of them were dried out, but just didn't hutched out!!
I placed a wet kitchen tissue(instead wet sponge) and find it drying out in 2 days..!!, even though the humidity showing 70+%.
Can anyone find anything wrong I am doing or points I missed.

This is the pic of last day.
Please advise.
Thanks in advance.
Hi All..
Haven't got any replay at all. Please give me some ideas..
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Hi,Thx for the replay.
Humidity was 55% until I lock it down, then added more water to bring it up. Is that the right way to do it?
Hi subhanalah,
That seems Quite right, Couple of them were really big babies stuck in egg. Thanks. I will take it on board.
As there is no mist to see, is that ok to spray a bit water the day or just before it hutch.
Hi blucoondawg,
see the pic I take today. Out side temp and humidity (inside an old tv cabinet).
Inside it may be higher. How do I control humidity lesser than outside, can I run it dry(without water).
Gr8 subhanalah, I usually use a dehumidifier in kids rooms! But didn't catch the point. I will drain it down n see the humidity 2morrow. Thx man.

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