There is nothing you can do so that this ends happy. Sorry (not your fault, just the way it is)

If you don't want the horses to die, call animal control now.

Then tell the neighbor that you will shoot any dog that enters your property, just realize that he will shoot yours if they ever get loose.

Other option is to start pretending that the horses are yours, and feed them, and spend the money to make your fence dog proof. That would probably keep everyone happy, but cost you lots of money.

I just don't see a middle ground.
Do you own this house, or does the boyfriends mother own the house? If you own the house, call the police and animal control, if you dont' not much you can do about it.
You might want to check the laws, if that horse dies on your property, chances are you are going to have to deal with desposal. But if there are four starving horses on his property, not calling ac (if you have it in a rural area?)is just wrong. How are you going to feel if you walk out and see them dead?

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