8+ Bearded BBS Silkie Eggs - NPIP

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  1. Up for your consideration are 8+ eggs from our blue/black/splash flock.

    These will be ready to ship Monday.

    In the BBS pen are 11 girls...black, 2 black/split lav and splash...and we rotate 3 boys in with them. One is a nice blue cock, a black cock and a gorgeous splash/lav split cockerel.

    I will say that this year has been HELL on shipping. You should definitely not get any cracked eggs but it seems that the ones I've received have had a lot of aircell damage. However, we have hatched quite a few from those eggs with loose aircells, so don't give up hope on them! I even hatched a lavender chick from an egg that I received cracked and then patched with wax! I have been using the styrofoam shippers but I'm going to use USPS priority boxes for a while and see if that makes any difference. There was some concerned mentioned that the shippers are so airtight that it might not be good for the eggs. They will be packed the same...just a different box. Pick ups are welcome!

    PayPal to [email protected]

    ***Edited to clarify negative feedback left by aduplantis. Buyer purchased eggs and did not respond to PM's or emails for 48 hours after sale ended. Eggs were sold to underbidder. Two days later, buyer sent payment for eggs which was promptly refunded and explanation was given. Newbie or not...when you make a purchase of EGGS, for goodness sakes...make a prompt payment. Eggs are perishable!!***






    Here are some 7 week old juveniles from these birds:


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    I have found that when you poke holes in the Priority boxes, it helps with air circulations. I also wrap each egg in papertowels that have been cut into fours and wrapped around each egg, then I place the eggs in an egg carton, Line the bottom of the box with rolled newspaper, place egg carton in a diagonial in the box and fill with more newspaper.

    Well thats just my way of shipping eggs. Nice Silkies!

    Ok I can't take it anymore I just have to bid![​IMG]

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