8+ Chicken Grabbag of hatching eggs

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    You bidding on a 8+ chicken grabbag of hatching eggs
    I will include all eggs laid this weekend
    They will come from these pens

    BLRW (Spalsh Rooster over Spalsh and Blue Laced hen also have 2 Silver Laced hens in with them but don't know if they are laying yet)
    Standard Cochins (Spalsh and barred blue roosters over Blue and barred hens also many other breeds of hens)
    Buff Opringtons (2 rooster over 2 hens also have a BLRW/Barred Cochin cross rooster in the pen)
    Buff Oprington/Standard Cochins
    maybe a few RIR eggs as well

    You can get pure and mixed eggs

    I will also include if you want any bantam eggs that are laid
    All pure from these pens

    2 Pens of Red Laced Cornishs
    1 Pen of old English in BBred and Brass back
    1 Pen of buff Laced Seabrights

    I am NPIP Certifed Also



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