8 Days, and what?

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    Hello all,

    I have my chickies in their coup!!!!! They have been in ther for about 8 days. I am wondering if I should let them out to roam yet. They are in a HUGE dog run. The weeds have reclaimed it [ much to their delight.] how long do I have to wait until they can go up to roost by themselves . Also, how much longer IN the coup???


    Fresh Eggs

    P.S. they are 8 weeks old today!!!!!!
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    Are you letting them out in the run?
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    Well, after 8 days they know where home is, so will most likely go back in at evening time. If you are wondering if they are old enough to be safe, then I would guess "probably" - but no chicken is really totally safe if they free range, not even my 2 year olds have sense enough sometimes to stay out of the woods.

    I have a pair of 7 week olds who free range, and they stick pretty close to the coop, and the "safe zone". They usually go back in at night, but one night one of them "got lost" behind the coop [​IMG] and I had to pick her up, carry her around it and put her back in. She had simply stayed out a little too far past dusk, and was confused (and her buddy had left her and gone inside - so I think she was looking for her, too.)

    Not knowing what your yard looks like (country, city, suburbs, etc..) or if you have high predation in the area, I'd say it is up to you to let them out. They would be as safe as any chicken would be, but ya might want to supervise the first few days, to make sure they don't get into trouble.

    ETA - if you are worried they won't go back in if you need them to go in early, then before letting them out of the run train them to go inside when you say certain things (I just say "shoo chick" and they know it's time to go in - they don't always listen [​IMG] but they know what I want) or try taking them treats inside when they have to go in - then when you let them out to free range and say your words, or shake the treat can, they'll come running.
    This comes in handy if you have them outside and have to leave and won't get back home before dark - or if you let them out on a nice morning and a storm came in and ya need to put them inside.

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