8+ nice lavender orpington htching eggs


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I will ship 8+ lavender orpington hatching eggs. I try to send a dozen if possible. These are nice quality birds. I also have a pen of 2 50/50 blacks hens with 2 blue roos. The stock is english import stock. If I don't have a full dozen lavenders I can include some of the black/blues. In the test hatch I had over 90% fertility. The en has 6 hens with 3 roos.



Kiawadix, I'm a bit confused by your posting.

What is the Split black composed of - Blue and Black? or Lavendar and Black?

Having a blue/black or even a lav/black rooster over blue hens will not produce Lavendar babies.

Blue x Black will never equal lavendar

Lavendar is a distinct gene and will only come when the roo and the hen have either a dominant or recessive gene for it.

Feel free to pm me and ask me any questions you need about it. Thanks and have a blessed day. Nancy
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she was saying if she doesn't have a dozen lav eggs she will throw in a few bbs to make a dozen.an those are some great looking lavs very nice size nice work
I have a pen of only lavenders 6 hens and 3 roos. I purchased 2 50/50 black hens to breed with the lavenders from the same breeder. I wanted more blacks. the breeder has bbs english imports that she got to go with her lavenders. I got 2 chicks they looked black but were blue and are very beautiful. both are roos so to get more blues I put the 2 black 50/50 with the 2 blue roos. I hatched one chick so far but only set 2. I now have 9 set in a friends incubator and last night set 7 in my brinsea 20 incubator. I am trying to get a line of the english imports going. They would be 75% english. I had a king suro incubator and replaced it with a brinsea. I am very impressed with the size and type of my blue roos and my black hens. My lavenders are also very nice.
what breeder did you get your lavs from they are great looking.would bid myself but the bator is full now an we just bought alot of lav chicks for next year i am growing out.you do have some very nice looking birds.
I got them from Mary Michaud in Washington. Last year she sold eggs on backyard chicken. I don't know if she did this year she said she was planning on doing a lot of dog showing. She has very nice birds.

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