8+ Split Lav silkies and possible frizzle's


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HI guys,

I was going to not sell anymore splits seperately but since my silkies are laying twice as much as the others I thought why not:) These will be collected today -SAt- SUn-sent out Monday.

AT least 6 split lav silkies eggs ( 100% lav dad 100% black bearded hens) I get 2-4 eggs a day:)

and eggs from my bantam frizzle pen-Birchen cochin dad-black cochin hen-black frizzled cochin hen-black bearded silkie hen. At least 2

For all those Sharks out there....I cannot include any Olive eggs:-( Im sorry-those will go in my bator Monday-but I will put another auction with those included next week:)
I will guarantee at least 8 eggs ( I hope to send 12-but can't promise) I will post daily as to whats been laid though:) I have 15/16 of the silkie eggs in bator that have made it to day 20 and 2 of the chicks hatched today-great toe spacing and so cute with tiny vaults ( not huge-being honest) ...the chicks will be black with some greying in feathers. Paypal only on this auction please:)

one of the silkie chicks at 1 week old

One of the mammas-

they all look like her
dad in background at 6 months old-yes I know I need photos LOL I will after a bath!
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I have 5 split lav eggs and 2 from the mix frizzle pen -I havent collected today yet either:)
Cute baby!
Just a note for potentially new Silkie owners...just because their skull isn't hugely vaulted at hatch doesn't mean that they won't have a gorgeous crest when mature. I've hatched a lot of chicks that have looked just like sonew's chick, and they've grown up to be VERY nice birds. If I didn't have Silkies coming out my ears, I'd so much love to get these eggs.
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Thanks Shelley! So true too. I do have 4 split lav silkies chicks that just hatched within the last 24 hours and 11 more to go and 1 has a great vault with perfect toes too! Im praying its a girl...LOL Pictures when it fluffs a little more:)
ok Here is a 12 hour old chick--Just hatched last night:) look at the vault so precious!!!! It's hiding under a teddy bear :)


5 silkies are out now and 10 more to go ( 7 are pipped)
Im actually very surprised they havent been bid on:-( I got #7 that just hatched) Their toes are all perfect but 1-1 of them has her last two toes kinda stuck together so she is out of the breeding project and will be sold:) Im praying for a big batch of girls LOL...
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Hello there! I just saw this! Whoo Hoo, these will be mine, (insert evil laugh). I would prefer not to get the frizzle's though...they sound cute...I just don't have space for them. Can't wait to see if I wind up with the sharks over here...
can hold off shipping for another day to collect more splits if youd like ( if a shark doesnt swipe them!) LOL...

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